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okay, yeah it's really fucking hot here. It was bound to happen. And I am extremely sensitive to the damn heat, and always have been.

So I give you some of the ways that *I* have always used to beat the heat:

#1 KNOW YOUR TOLERANCES. No really. It is important to be aware of how hot is actually *too* hot for you. When do you get cranky or grumpy? When do you get way too uncomfortable? My zone is around 78. I start to get whiney and uncomfortable and unhappy around that temperature. Knowing this, I can gauge what activities I can or can not do based on what the ambient temperature will be at that venue or on that day. If it is going to be more than 80, I should bail because *no one* will want to be around me that day anyway (no really, you have not seen grumpy cranky bitch if you have not seen me do it - imagine the polar opposite of the kind, nurturing, caring Staxxy everyone is used to).

#2 KNOW YOUR BODY. Do you sweat a lot or not much? Do you dehydrate easily? Does the heat make it hard to eat? If you don't sweat a lot - carry a mister, so that you can simulate the benefits of it (but not in the sun or you will burn like BACON). If you dehydrate easily be sure you are getting extra salts and elecrolytes alone with your extra water - lemonade is your friend. If the heat makes it hard to eat, be sure to eat cold foods like salads and make certain you have enough cool proteins on hand - the key is to minimize the amount of cooking you need to do in order to eat and to minimize the amount of heat you are exposed to.

#3 COOL AND COLD WATER. don't go from extreme heat to extreme cold. You will send yourself into shock. The quick ways to cool off is lukewarm/tepid water in the shower or bath (very refreshing for a fast rinse when you get home from work). Ice bags or bottles (like you use for a sprain or headache) are really useful for sleeping with. Make sure you wrap them in a towel, again with the shock. And we also go back to the spritzer - if you mist your sheets, it will cool them off. Same with tepid water on your feet and hands. I keep a spray bottle by my bed, and a 2 liter in the freezer which I wrap in a towel and sleep with like a hot water bottle (only, the opposite really).

#4 SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. No really. Cool it with the major activity. Building up heat inside your body is not going to cool you down. When things are WAY TOO HOT for you, cut back on the physical activity a bit.

#5 DRESS FOR IT. Wear loose and lightweight clothing. Wear sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to direct sunlight. Wear a sunscreen that is strong enough for your skin. Hawaiin Sun makes an SPF 70 for children and babies. It works great.

#6 WEAR THE RIGHT SHOES. Lots of heat is retained in your shoes. Make sure you are keeping your feet really well ventilated.

and now it is time to grab my icebottle and go to bed. Stay cool in the heat kids. and remember that everyone is grumpy in the heat, try not to take it personally.


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