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In its place we will be having sunday over again.

Hopefully Tuesday will resume at the regularly scheduled time.

(we have 4 or 5 inches it looks like, and it is still snowing)
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I was mostly braindead all day. I slept into afternoon, and woke to discover that my phone battery died because my charge cable was dead. Luckily I still have one, although it is not long for this world really. But at least my phone is charged.

I did a bit of editing for a friend, and I cancelled my skype phone number because skype has really gone to shit in service and it just isn't worth it for me anymore.

I have a sleep study Wednesday night that I am not looking forward to in the slightest. Ugh.

I remain glad to have my computer working again. I have been playing video games more than anything of note. But I have done some art over the weekend too. I always feel like I am not using my time wisely if I am not doing something productive every day. Which is the nonsense of brain weasels that come from being raised with that lunatic protestant work ethic that leads people into working themselves to death.
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still getting up and running here on DW. I hear tell that I can use Semagic with DW, so I plan to do that (which will help with my posting considerably as I love Semagic's ease of use.

I need to figure out how to:

- import all the things from my LJ
- archive my LJ.

suggestions and/or instructions would be grand. I did try using LJArchive but it doesn't seem to want to work for me. thoughts on where I might be going wrong there, or suggestions on if I need to just keep whacking it regularly until it gets the whole thing, are also welcome.

I shan't get up to posting much until after Easter, however.

also, also

Oct. 30th, 2015 01:16 am
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Michael Montoure's entire catalog of writing is available for $0.99 (well, okay, the anthologies are $2.99) for Kindle, and since I still had some cash left on my gift card account I got everything I didn't already have.

Which is a little piece of happy.

Yes, I also have several of these books in print copies (and signed, because he's awesome like that). So what?

I think the sale ends on the 31st, so if you want to get some of his stuff, now is the time.

And if you aren't familiar with his stuff - He's one of my all time favorite horror writers. His writing is dark, beautiful, sensual, haunting, and glorious. I am sad that the migraine is making me miss his reading tomorrow evening (Wayward Coffee House, go see him). One of the last times I made it to one, his words alone almost made me pass out (seriously, the world was getting a little grey and swimmy, with a bit of tunneling - and yes, he knows this and it gave him enough happy that he had glee and did a little dance because that is a bit of a coup).

For a buck, treat yourself to something awesome. His books are certainly worth their full price.

Plus, he's an awesome guy. And a good friend.
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For all of my friends who like urban decay and creepy locations - one of the folks ([ profile] dark_fetus, whose website is Antiquity Echoes) i know through one of those communities has finally * released the book he made with his girlfriend(? maybe fiancee, I am not sure), and has been working on for years now. His work is GORGEOUS.

But more than just photographs, they have done the history of each of the location and talk about the stories there, so it's also about history and a little about ghost stories.

He also has a youtube channel - Antiquity Echoes, which I have previously pimped because it is SO FUCKING AMAZING.

I am a bit fan of his work and highly recommend it.

With all the moving and stuff going on, I won't be able to afford to get this for a few months and that makes me sad.

*link opens to the book on Amazon, but it is also available on Barnes and Noble, and from Skyhorse Publishing. It is also available on Walmart but I have OPINIONS about Walmart so I give no links there.
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Can't. Stop. Looking.

Can't. Stop. Laughing.



Jan. 13th, 2009 10:31 am
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Look at all the clicky links!

The Library of Congress has put it's photos online

the University of Washington ALSO has an archive of photographs online now (growing all the time)

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) has part of their permanent collection online as well.

The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) has a collection of 4000 photos online now.

The British Museum also has part of their collection online

The Museum of London also has a formidable online presence. With info about several of their collections, with photos.

Of course the Smithsonian is online. Including a large number (if not all) of their museums - the Anacostia Community Museum, The National Air and Space Museum, The National Museum of Natural History, The National Museum of African Art, The American Art Museum, the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Arts and Industries Building, The National Design Museum, the Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (this one is Asian arts), the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the National Zoo, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Postal Museum, and you can look into the various exhibits the Smithsonian is doing both in house and on the road.

Not to be outdone, the Louvre is also online.

In Germany we have the Deutsches Museum, and the Deutsches Historishces Museum.

and, not photographs, but Washington State has put it's governmental archives online.

They also have the historical archive online. including Newspapers.

What are your favorite links, in this vein?
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for those of you who do not truly comprehend what "fibro fog" means, as "the dumb", I give you a piece of my morning:

7am take off my pajamas and put on undies, pants, and a bra. Look for my short sleeved black sweater by staring at a pile of clothes for about 10 minutes and realizing I will need to move and touch things since most everything is black and I can not identify the sweater like this. Shuffle things around for a while, but don't find it.

7:10am Ein meows at me in the "Mommy, it's breakfast time!!" whine. So I go feed the cats. It occurs to me that a cup of coffee would be tasty.

7:15am I go and sit down at the computer and stare at my inbox. It occurs to me that I am cold and should put on a shirt or something. I stare at my inbox some more (while I scroll up and down, I don't actually *open* anything. Just stare at it). It occurs to me that I have the dumb and should call Sr. and Jr. bosses to let them know I have the dumb (they have told me not to come in like this, which is good, so I don't fuck anything up).

7:20am Ein maos for attention, and starts tossing bottles of pills on the floor. Luckily they have lids on securely. I watch this for a few minutes. Then he rattles the top of the jingly stick toy. So I pull out the bamboo toy that is close to me and play with him for a few minutes. It occurs to me that I am cold and should put something on. It occurs to me that a cup of coffee would be tasty.

7:25am TV is making a lot of noise, so I look at it. No idea what I was watching. Cartoon Network.

7:30am it occurs to me that I am cold and should put something on. It occurs to me that coffee would be tasty. I go into the kitchen and turn on the electric tea kettle. (again, thank you for the intro to the idea, Mike). I realize I am hungry and would like a bagel. In the 3 minutes it takes the kettle to heat, I vacillate back and forth between blueberry or plain bagel and decide to go for blueberry. I slice the bagel and put it in the toaster.

7:35am I mix up my cup of coffee. Hurrah for instant coffee from Japan that is actually tasty. Something smells really tasty and it occurs to me that a bagel would be good. I notice that I have a toasted one waiting for me in the toaster. YAY. I put butter on it and go sit down.

7:45am it occurs to me that I am cold and should put something on. I sip my coffee. It *is* tasty. mmmm coffee. I stare at my inbox. And take a bite of my bagel.

7:50am it occurs to me that I am cold and should put something on. I sip some more of my coffee and look at the pile of clothing.

7:55am it occurs to me that I am cold and should put something on. It occurs to me that the red thing my eyes are resting on is a polar fleece sweatshirt and it would be warm, so I go grab it and put it on.

8:00 it occurs to me that it took me an *hour* to put on a shirt because I was cold, and it would be a good way to explain how fibro fog affects me to all of you, so I sit down to write this all out.

and now you know what I mean by The Dumb. I mean *dumb*.
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Bubble Yum has come out with Hershey's gum.

Does it taste like a hershey bar? yes.

Is it as satisfying as eating a hershey bar? yes, plus it has that "I want to chew and chew" bonus satisfaction.

Is it as satisfying as eating a piece of high quality chocolate? no. there really is no replacement for that. But a hershey bar is also not as satisfying as eating high quality chocolate.

Is it as bad for you as eating a hershey bar? no. While it is not GOOD for you, it is less bad then an actual hershey bar.

I share this with you all, as I know a whole lot of you are dieting, but get the chocolate cravings and end up in front of the vending machine at work or getting into the candy bowl. I recommend keeping a pack of this gum at your desk for just such emergencies. It really is surprisingly tasty.

And if, for whatever reason, your satisfaction with chocolate comes entirely from it's TEXTURE - I recommend trying Carob stars. They are far better for you then this gum, or chocolate.
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If you don't have to work on Thursday morning at 9:30 AM (or can get the time off), and want to be heard on this issue -

Here is the agenda for the meeting tomorrow )

I have to work tomorrow morning, so I can't go. But I thought at least one of you might be able to give a shout out for the clubs, want to, and not be aware it is happening.

This post is made intentionally public.
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because everyone loves Cthuhlu

I know the guy who runs this site, and he rocks my little socks.

and so do the items he carries. :)

Check it out.
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why on earth would *anyone* think that putting a tunnel for cars RIGHT NEXT TO THE WATERFRONT is a good idea?

Sure a new viaduct may suffer the same structural issues at some point in the future that the one we have now has. BUT NO ONE HAS BEEN KILLED BY IT IN AN EARTHQUAKE EITHER.

Does anyone *actually* believe that a tunnel would be SAFER than a new viaduct??

and how many times do we have to say "no really Nickels, this is just STUPID, build a new viaduct" before he stops trying to push this tunnel fantasy on the city?

talk about not being up for re-election.

*beats head*

(apologies to those not of this area)
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Lately I have been pondering the music I listen to. Specifically, the *languages* I listen to music in.

I count 9 12 languages in the music I listen to:

-English (duh)
-German (I know, big shocker)
-Japanese (another shocker)
-French (probably not a surprise)

What about you? How many languages do you listen to music in? Anything not on my list?

And no, these languages are *not* the native tongue for at least half of the artists singing in them. Some of the Italian *is* Opera, in case you are wondering, but not *all* of it.

[edited to add Latin, Gaelic, and Tibetan. I forgot about the chants I have. DOH!!]
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For those of you that wonder why Seattle shuts down when it snows:

This is the hill that was too steep and slick to climb in the jeep.

In case you are wondering, I could not get *all* of the block we were on into the photo because I was afraid I would fall down the hill if I moved far enough forward to be able to see it. This is Queen Anne, the north side.

Seattle is made of hills. at least half of them are fairly steep. Great for sledding, on a sled or in a car or just trying to walk...
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I got tagged by [ profile] bittergourd

so here are my favorites )

Um... don't act all shocked or anything. I am very upfront and vocal about being a media junkie. This includes movies.
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big storms are coming again today, according to one news source. Be aware, and be prepared.

In other news, for those of you who have lived in Wenatchee:

Crazy Evelyn passed away.

I would love to hear any personal stories you have about her. Spydrman gave her a wiiiiide birth so he has none.

and yes, that is my migraine icon and I do have one today.

and who do I have plans with tomorrow? [ profile] dreina - is it you?


Dec. 6th, 2006 02:46 pm
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Flowing water on MARS!!!

It flows out of an underground spring and then freezes in the atmosphere.

on MARS!!!!

Spydrman just told me. It was in his wired news feed.



Dec. 2nd, 2006 05:57 pm
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and I found a place that I HAVE GOT TO SHARE!!!

Rhinestone Rosie. It is at the top of Queen Anne hill on Crockett, just off of 6th.

wall to wall sparklies.

and they do repair of broken sparklies, or antique sparklies missing stones.

It is owned and operated by a woman (presumably Rosie) and her daughter.

They have been there for about 23 years.

you can bring in 10pieces from your own collection for an estimate.

seriously, if you like sparklies (or know someone who does) GO THERE!! Best place ever for rhinestones.

they don't advertise at all. And they are the nicest ladies ever!!! Go check it out!! THEY RULE!!!

phone there is 206-283-4605 and you can email them at

and now...

Sep. 20th, 2006 08:01 pm
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the larch.

and now...

the stomach flu



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